Force Sensors by Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH

We offer robust, reliable and extremely durable force sensors (force transducers or load cells) for the measurement of static, quasi-static and dynamic tension and compression forces, which are suitable for applications in the most varied embodiments and dimensions. There are three main types: tensile force, compression force or tensile and compression force sensors. On top of that we provide force sensors with two or three measuring ranges as so-called multi-component sensors, or in a double bridge version (plausibility circuit). An optional version in 6-wire technology or advanced IP pro­tec­tion class is also available for the majority of our sensors. Furthermore, we manufacture special sen­sors, such as load pins, load bearings, stress sensors, or customized sensors, according to your re­quire­ments. Additionally, our product range includes a wide choice of accessories, such as force trans­mis­sions, thrust pieces, rod ends, fixing flanges, measuring cables, measuring amplifiers, ...


Tension and Compression Force Sensors

    We also provide an extensive range of tension and compression force sensors.
    Three different types are available: load cells with internal or external threads, S-type force sensors and flat sized force transducers.
    For example, our universal precision force sensor, type K-11, high-pre­ci­sion, extremely compact, easy to install and with standardized nominal value, can be optimally integrated into existing systems. Or our low-cost, but yet highly accurate S beam load cell, type K-25, which is available in very small to medium measuring ranges and optionally (available up to 10 kN) provided with a mechanical stop as overload protection against dam­ages, caused by impermissibly high tensile and compressive forces.
    These sen­sors provide standardized analog, unreinforced strain gauge bridge output signals in mV/V.
    As an option, many of our tension and compression force sensors can be supplied with an extended temperature range of -40°C up to 150°C.
    Typical applications for these sensor types are for example, material test­ing machines, rope or elastic force measurement, examination of oper­at­ing forces, determination of force in belt tensioners or bowden controls, industrial process monitoring at press-in, riveting, stamping, drawing op­er­ations, … .

    Tension and Compression Force Transducers


    For our force sensors, we provide suitable force transmissions, con­nec­tion cables and much more, e.g. measuring amplifiers, such as sensor inter­faces for the conversion of the bridge output signals into standar­di­zed voltage or current signals for the connection to stan­dard interfaces; or measuring amplifiers with integrated displays for direct presentation of the measured values.

    Accessories for Force Transducers

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