Force Sensors by Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH

We offer robust, reliable and extremely durable force sensors (force transducers or load cells) for the measurement of static, quasi-static and dynamic tension and compression forces, which are suitable for applications in the most varied embodiments and dimensions. There are three main types: tensile force, compression force or tensile and compression force sensors. On top of that we provide force sensors with two or three measuring ranges as so-called multi-component sensors, or in a double bridge version (plausibility circuit). An optional version in 6-wire technology or advanced IP pro­tec­tion class is also available for the majority of our sensors. Furthermore, we manufacture special sen­sors, such as load pins, load bearings, stress sensors, or customized sensors, according to your re­quire­ments. Additionally, our product range includes a wide choice of accessories, such as force trans­mis­sions, thrust pieces, rod ends, fixing flanges, measuring cables, measuring amplifiers, ...

Force Sensors - Force Transducers

Special Sensors

Image Type Measuring Range Accuracy Class Range of Application
Load Measuring Pin K-1661 K-1661   20..400 kN 1 Load Measuring Pin, e.g. for Load Measurement in Deflector Rolls
Tension Measurement Transducer K-2148 K-2148 0.5..6.5 kN 0.5 Web Tension Sensor, e.g. for Tension Measurement of Belt Conveyors in the Paper Industry
Stress Sensor DZ-1 DZ-1 300 µm/m 0.5 Stress Sensor, e.g. for Survey of Press-In Force, Material Stress or Liquid Level Monitoring
Hand Force Measurement Transducer K-2565 K-2565 1500 N 0.1 Force Sensor for Hand Force Measurement (Medical Load Cell)
Force Transducer K-1509 K-1509 2..20 N 0.2 Force Sensor , e.g. for Measurement of Ball Bearing Friction
Force Transducer K-2618 K-2618 30..300 kN 1 Force Sensor , e.g. for Measurement of Tension Forces in Lathe Chucks

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