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Load cells are a special variant of force sensors. The load is measured in grams, kilograms or tons and not in newton like "normal" force sensors.
We offer load cells in different designs and sizes: Single point load cells, compressive load cells, ten­sile & compressive load cells, as well as bending beam and shear force load cells. In addition, our product range includes a comprehensive selection of installation kits, accessories and scale elec­tron­ics.


Bending Beam and Shear Beam Load Cells

    Shear force and bending beam load cells are ideal for the use in harsh en­vironment and Ex-range in general, due to their high level of protection and ATEX certification.
    Relatively small forces cause high strains at bending beam load cells. Thus, mechanical boundaries (overload protection) can be realized very easily.
    Shear beam load cells, however, are stable against lateral forces and less sensitive to the load point.
    Typical applications are high-precision dosers, fill level control, tank and hopper scales or belt scales.

    Bending Beam Load Cell F60X Shear Beam Load Cell SK30X

Assembly Kits and Accessories

    Assembly kits (mounting kits or weighing modules) must be designed to protect the load cell from lateral forces, bending and torque, vibration and eccentric load transmissions. By this, the assembly is considerably fa­cili­tat­ed.
    Just mount the kit below the load foot of the tank (silos ..) and the sys­tem is ready for use.

    Weighing Module Stabiflex Loading Foot LFC

Weighing Electronic (Scale Electronic)

    Our scale electronic portfolio ranges from a relatively simple junction box to a high resolution digital weight indicator with remote control for up to 8 load cells.

    Digital Weighing Indicator IPE50 DIN Strain Gauge Amplifier CPJ

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